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Four Months Basqued

four months basqued


Teo left everything to pursue his dreams of living abroad. Over a year has gone by in France, and he’s still tormented by the love he left behind. A multitude of lovers has driven him deeper into self-loathing, while a robust social life has left him penniless. He has no other choice but to take a summer job in Biarritz and has every intention of keeping to himself. However, a host of diverse co-workers, friends, and travelers will force him to face himself and finally move on with his life. A spin-off to The Meeting Place (2014), Four Months Basqued is the anti-romantic tale of a hopefully romantic man’s attempts to reconcile his past, accept his present, and decide his future, during two summers in the Basque Country.


The Meetin Place

the meeting place

honorable mention in general fiction

Paris Book Festival 2015


At a cafe, in a city, people come and go. The owner, the sage, the baristas, the writer, the student, the jerk, and the terrace dwellers, come from different worlds, and pass night after night at The Meeting Place for very different reasons. But once they enter through the creaky front door, their stories intertwine. Whether they like, know, or care for it, they are equal players in a social game much bigger and complex than lattes and lighters. They are organically thrust into each others’ lives, colliding for better or worse; passion, love, work, dreams, romance, friendship, disaster, and adventure. Told from multiple perspectives, The Meeting Place is a story of a cafe’s life force and the comers and goers who inspire its enduring social legacy.


It's particulr

it's particular


It’s Particular is a story about the unintentional, yet blissful chaos that comes with getting what you want in life. A Texan graduate student finally has a chance to fulfill one of his dreams after he signs up for summer school in Strasbourg, France. All his desires for a European adventure are about to become true, but it is the unknown that will turn his fantasy into a way of life. Culture shock and language barriers are only the beginning of the situations that arise. Angry kebab shop owners and sultry cougars are just a few of the encounters which show him that there is just as much to learn about himself and his country as there is of different cultures. It is an adventure that crosses waters with planes, lands with trains, but ultimately arrives at the greatest quest of all: The one within himself.

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