Like baristas or red lights.

This life is an adventure. If it wasn't for red lights, some may never stop to pick the blue bonnets. For some, even a red light isn't enough to pump the breaks, but that doesn't make it legal. Neither does a blue bonnet's beauty, allure, justify picking it. It is illegal as well. Days move so fast, even in a new year. So, I stop into Cafe Agora, a place whose walls and often occupants I find familiar. Agora is the greek word for "meeting place", which is proper considering that the cafe is always full of people. Even if you come alone, which is often the case for me, there is a great chance of seeing someone you know. The cute barista is working tonight. I know she's cute. I also know she works here. However, I do not know her. She looks nice, a thin shear black scarf laid upon her shoulders as she made coffee. Instead of telling her of my fancy I decided to write about it. You know? Making her immortalized for all to see, as if blogging was the new way to meet women. Perhaps that's just something chickens say. Buck-buck-bah-KAW! My feathers ruffeled as I sat at my table. How can I call this a meeting place if a don't meet people? I spy BenFarouk sitting downstairs, relaxed in the comforts of a couch in the lounge corner. He invites me to join, and I shamelessly accept. I make myself friendly to his friends, and we got on quite well. It never ceases to amaze; the contrast of complexity and simplicity when involving diversities of persons, that is. It can be as confounding as religious or language barriers, but as simple as a smile. "You like Brazilian music?" says Caferri. "Of course I do." There it is. Barrier Broken. One of the guys happens to be the owner, and I tell you, it's interesting to hear the words of the mind behind the meeting place. "I get fulfillment out of knowing that people can come to relax. That a guy can meet his girlfriend over coffee and cookie after a long day," he says. A valuable service to grateful patrons no doubt. I love cookies. Perhaps we all found some casual fulfillment; placed comfortably around a table littered with empty glasses, pirouettes, hummus and pea snaps. Not a care in the world exists, or at least it seems that way. Caferri plays a sad song on the jukebox. Somehow his recently nullified relationship has seeped into the meeting place, and we shake our heads with an informed chuckle. "Women tend to have that effect sometimes." Like baristas or red lights. There can be too many. It's the status quo. However, you could just step on the gas. Pick a blue bonnet.