Metal, lights and night.

Every time I pass they make me wonder. What are they? How did they get there? There's a work of art at the intersection of Studemont/Montrose and Allen Parkway. At least, it seems like it's art. Several metal statues of men squatting on the roadside, who during the day reflect the sun's brilliance, but at night illuminate with their own luster. Who are these men? How did they get there?

For months I've passed, planning to stop by and see them. However, a predicament consistently plagues me, as all I want to do is drive fast. In a car. Somewhere.

Most of the time; I get what I want.

It's been happening for some time now. The yearning, and perhaps even the necessity, to drive over the speed limit wherever I go. Signs that regulate 30 mph somehow translate to 45 when I'm behind the wheel, and 60 mph is merely an option.It just so happens that my favorite place to drive is on Allen Parkaway leading away from Downtown Houston, as its twists and turns, and occasionaly dips under over passes, make for a nice adrenaline rush. But no matter how fast I'm going the metallic men always catch my eye.


It's a good night for cafe, but a better night to take a chance, as I finally decide to visit the roadside wonders.  I avoid the parkway as to not be tempted, and park on the side of the road. The statues' brilliance can be seen from the yonder and they call to me, beckoning me to come closer. I walk blinded by their brilliance. I trip over a chained barrier.

I've gone too far to turn back.

I approach them, with a cautious camera poised.

I move in a bit closer looking for a sign of explanation, but could find none. No problem. Metal, lights and night. This was worth it.