I make a memory.

I started walking as far as my feet would take me, and then, I walked a little further. Into the hills I went, up Viale de Machiavelli. It was a part of Firenze I had yet to see. I'd kick myself for not exploring sooner, but my feet already hurt from the walk.

The last day in any place you love can be difficult. Sleep is not worth the time it takes, and no matter how far you walk the journey will eventually end. So what can you do? Keep walking. Walk further than your will could ever hope to carry you. That, or until you pass a really nice ristorante.

The aromas of La Terrazza Del Principe struck me in the soul as a passed by an open door. My eyes devoured the astounding hillside view of Firenze as my stomach was planning for more ambitious tasks. A host tells me that the seats with the best views are reserved, but since I'm dining alone there's one space for me.

I ate Inferno pizza with a tall glass of bianchi, followed by the most voluptuous servings of watermelon at the suggestion of the host. Each bite a reflection of Italy, while the staggering view provokes calm pensiveness.

I descended from the hillside to meet with Erika, who had served somewhat as a host to the Firenze streets, and her friend Marife. She took me to the best pizzeria in the city. I had just had the meal of a lifetime, but the aromas of cheeze and bresaula are enough for any appetite's resurrection. I tell them tonight is the night we go to Piaza del Michaengelo. The route to the piaza is not for the faint of heart, and they didn't share my enthusiasm. However, the view from the piaza looks out over the entire metropolis and I knew I had to go, even if it meant another hike.

I started walking. I walked a little further until I hit some steps, until sweat formed on my brow. I reach the pinnacle and the night breeze satifies all fatigue. The view is just like I knew it would be.

Il Duomo errects into the night sky. The youth buzz all around me, while the rhythms of a nearby discotech beat into the night. And as I see fireworks shoot into the sky from the Tuscan countryside I know it's almost time to leave. I make a memory.