We went wild.

Standing in front of the European Parliament brought a sense of clarity to all of lectures and history we learned. We've covered the events from the birth of the peace in Europe post World War 2 to the treaties which shaped government; all while living liberally in the streets of Strasbourg, where the pulse of European government beats. But no lecture compares to actually standing before a building that houses intricate roles and decision makers.

For me there was an immediate sense of awe, and even reverence for the flags of a progressively uniting continent. Each represented perspective cultures and clusters of faces, while we, a multinational group of students, visited for the first time.

Pavel from the Czech Republic works in the parliament’s visitor department and told us all about the how the parliament works. It was the first time that any speaker was able to keep our normally rambunctious group entertained, as he cracked jokes, blew his nose and occasionally cussed.

A tall man enters the room and escorts us into the parliamentary chambers where a debate is raging over Guantanamo Bay and Europe's role in the detaining and judgement of terriorist through capital punishment. Needless to say, half of the time was spent on deligates taking shots at each other. Members have blue cards which they can use when they want to respond or defend. A fiesty French female waved hers wildly in the air.

“Sir I want you to apologize to me for what you said. You have offended me!” she says in French, while we receive a translation in our headphones in shock.

Her opponent coolly responds with no apology.

“I regret that you feel that way."

We spent the next 20 minutes watching parliamentary officials take pot shots at one another. Charles Tannock from Great Britain was the most innovative of all as he threw up his blue card .

"Excuse me sir, but I didn't know that the European Union was a country. And for a correction; India is the biggest democracy in the world.”

We went wild.

"I love this guy!" says Mike from Buffalo, NY

The EU Parliament didn't solve anything today, but they sure know how to put on a show.