This has no esoteric meaning.

What would you have me tell you about Paris, France, a place where the timeless attractions are as plentiful as croissant shops. The road traffic is only compounded by the herds of tourists, which is further congested with armies of street peddlers.

"Hello my friend! One Euro, One Euro, One Euro!"

"No. You're not my friend. I just bought 5 of those from your cousin."

For some it's a life long dream to visit, and that's a beautiful desire. However, one must know that Paris can be a bipolar roller-coaster of emotions; highs and lows which are equally inspiring for love and loathing.

I came to Paris with an enduring sense of nostalgia. 6 years ago I spent 6 hours here with my best friends, and now I have 3 days to roam these streets with new ones.

Standing in front of the Tour Eiffel is simple majestic. It's your moment. To kiss, to hug , to smile, to cry. Anything goes; as long as you have a photo to prove it. The tower is eternal but only the beginning. Champs Elysees occupies the space between the Arc de Triomphe and Le Louvre. In this case, occupy means a seemingly endless stream of designer shops and restaurants.

It's first class and completely diverting.

In our quest to remain first class we choose a modestly priced eatery with splendid decor. The prices looked good and so did the food descriptions, but the taste was rather medicore. Roast beouf just ain't the same as I've had in Texas. Cold fries are pretty nasty anywhere in the world.

In the corner of my eye is a cat in a basket. This has no esoteric meaning. There was just someone's cat in a basket.

It begin to walk around the restaurant as we paid the bill, and I vow to never eat modestly priced food on Champs Elysees again.

However time's price is far more valuable than any meal. These streets aren't for complainers, they're for adventure. Charles De Gaulle is immortalized in a gallant stroll, as if he constantly in search of new sights and splendor.

But unlike Charles, we're not made of metal.

The hostel is no eternal architectural wonder, but it has chairs and a bed.