She stays ready.

The Bentleys and Rolls-Royces parked in the plaza said, "bling" for everyone to see, and they were the last thing we expected to encounter on our last day in Luxembourg. The impact of our first day still exploded in our minds, and we have all day to make the most of the country.

Thankfully, one day in Lux was like a lifetime. It possesses liberating qualities at every corner. The most delicious baget and ham ever tasted on a late morning. The multitude of hills leading into valleys of greenery. Shops full of treasures and trinkets stand adjacent to the far reaching fingertips of globalized businesses, and for some reason we cannot seem to stop eating ice cream.

It is one of the most productively diverting places I can think of, and even diverts from diversions. A simple trip to a put-put-golf course takes a couple of hours, because every 5 minutes you see a minerature heaven. It's as if God is a perpetual make-up artist for the landscape and he's always working. Lux is a visage. She's so photogenic. She stays ready.

I like to imagine that all of the history, all of the past, lives on in the bricks and walls of the city. When you walk through it seeps inside of you, and your sensibility becomes a fine machine, oiled with immersion. You don't feel as old as the buildings, but you can't help to feel as wise. You don't know the names of the streets, or even what a Grand-Duchy really is, but if someone asks if you know anything about Lux you'd have a great answer.

Perhaps that's what a travel experience is all about.