Architecture, fortification and a catheral.

It started as a haphazard idea, but became a dream. It seemed impossible to make plans for our first weekend of travel. We had four days and about 30 far-fetched ideas. But through the midst of unpractical travel plans came the most empowering clarity. Its name; Luxembourg. A place so small that it might as well be a city, but so beautiful that it's a paradise.

We arrived in the morning with an entire day ahead of us and an overnight stay with Hostelling International, which I believe is a perfect accommodation for any traveler. It didn't take long before we were hiking up the hills and pathways, which at the top revealed a canyon equipped with fine architecture, fortifications and a cathedral.

We march up steep hills to reach the city center. Every route is the scenic route. From all points we can view stretches of buildings that seemed to have been comfortably tucked between towers and defensive walls.

The city was built to defend against invading forces, but can hardly keep the tourist out. Cliche tourism practices are not my policy, and a loathe the idea of travelling just to eat at a McDonald's or follow some guide's yellow umbrella. However, with only one night, an inflamed Achilles tendon and pain pills, a bus tour sounded pretty good.

It was exactly what we needed. I don't think a breeze has ever been so tranquil, nor have blurry buildings been so acceptable.

A tall fast glass of Luxembourg is what we had, and it goes down smooth. So smooth that we didn't want to leave the bus when we'd seen it all. I don't believe seeing a building makes for a good story, or even a good photo. It's how the tempo of a place is reflected in every fiber of society, and if you can capture it you've got a piece of the culture forever.

As we crowed at the bus station I noticed a couple embracing one another. A masterful tower was the background music to their melody, and I snapped a shot before they could notice.

It's love that makes this livable.