There was none.

I had exceeded all of my limits by the time I boarded the TGV high-speed train in Paris. I hadn’t slept in a day, and the most enduring sense of nausea lurked with every breath. As the train began to move I gave in to all pressures, tucked away my valuables, and passed out.

For 30 minutes.

You’d be surprised how much that helps.

One could not complain about the scenic foliage, livestock flocks and architecture. The sky was gently grey and perfect drops of rain pelted the window as we pulled up to the platform. Mademoiselle C met myself and travel mate Laura, with smiles, goodie bags and a fine taste of French driving as she almost ran over pedestrians, who seemed not to mind almost becoming road kill.

We arrived at La Residence de Marne, one of the dormitories for university which is traditionally equipped with no central air conditioning. The housing manager spoke no English, and we signed documents written in French. A quick tour of the facility and we were abandoned to our own sensibilities.

You’d figure a man who’s had 30 minutes of sleep in over a day would want a nap, but there was simply too much to be done. To make matters more splendid I ran into a Brazilian who was moving after a year of studying in Strasbourg and wanted to get rid of all knives and health pills. Things started to look decent in my apartment, so I did what any bachelor would do.

I sat down in my underwear and tried to find a wi-fi signal.

There was none.

No sooner had I become comfortable did the door ring.

It was the housing manager and Mme. C. They had come to introduce another American student who looked scared. I came to find out she was from Oregon and this was her first time to Europe. She greatly appreciated the all-French language housing tour .

After washing away our travel body odor, Laura, Oregon Trail and I met in the lobby. We hit the “Supermarche” for bagets and brie cheese, and were able to find a quaint Italian ristorante. After destroying a delicious pizza I opted for a petit cappuccino, which would be my 6th coffee or energy drink of the day.

The night became progressively cool as we walked back to La Marne. We had no internet connection to contact home and were all too tired to explore the night life. I said my prayers and tucked myself into my new bed, with sounds of Chopin’s Nocturne no. 9. However it wasn’t long before I was awaken by the sounds of dance music. It was like a makeshift discoteque was taking place on the floor under me. I got up and was about to meet my new neighbors until I realized that I had no motivation or energy for anything.

I chewed some baget, took some photos, and passed out.