I didn't make this up.

There's so much going on. As if the personal wiles of the day wearn't enough, the world is an increasingly conflicting place. Or perhaps it's what the media makes of it. They wouldn't show the goodness. No, the good is not good enough.

Walking through the impromtu lunch adventure, the Shameless One was. Hunger and a friendly invitation had led him to the Greek/American estbalishment. A nice lunch before clase with the Polish Comarade, Hugh Jackman, and the lovers Juanes and Morgana du Plantier.

The restaurant has several TV's, and the latest in world and business news flashed across all. Perhaps to appease the fleshly plump business crowd which rushed to scarf cuisine during their 25 minute feeding period. Regardless, the world events continued.

Stopping for a moment to see the world turn on the tele and there's so much going on. The peace of the Middle East is not so peaceful as Egypt's regime transition has caused a domino effect in the region. Everyone called it.

Meanwhile, Italian Prime Minister, Silvo Berlusconi, has been indited. Perhaps that power that comes with position wasn't enough. No, high dollar whores couldn't catch his fancy. So he hooked up with underage women at illicit sex parties. I wonder how much it costs to get those charges dropped?

It doesn't matter. My burger is taking wayyyy too long to get here.

We sit talking as buddies do, and things are going well. Perhaps normal even. At least until Morgana drops a bomb that would supercede our thoughts for the rest of the day.

"You know....dolphins rape people."



No. No. No. No. They don't.

"Yes. They do."

A quick Google search and I will never see dolphins the same again. Apparently, in the United States at least 14 people are raped by dolphins each year. It doesn't happen as much in shallow waters, as the dolphins are unable to get their victim to a "dolphin rape cave."


Hey. I didn't make this up.

A few videos later, and the likely hood of dolphin rape being a reality is settling in. They gang rape male and female dolphins, so why not a human? Right? .....

There's so much going on.