"You're so ignorant," said she.

The scope of futbol/footie/fuetbol/soccer is immense/massive/gigantic/gargantuan. Its international appeal has a cross culture allure that few elements have the ability to achieve.


With that in mind, its importance on a global scale is worth noting.

The events of World Cup 2010 were inspiring, even if only briefly, for South Africa. Much like a local musician dreaming of world tours, the people of South Africa sought World Cups. Did they win? Well. No. But I don't believe it was, and in the cases of countries like South Africa, ever fully about winning.

Hosting the World Cup is entrance into global appeal, international markets and exposure. A social globalization to ignorant cultural centralism as to say:

"Hey! There are people living here. We do normal things. We are alive."

I shamelessly sat at the Lounge du Prix at the Shining Star University surrounded by various personages. Huey Coon approached with sternness in his demeanor, and staleness in his eyes.

"Did you hear? The World Cup is going to be in Qatar and Russia. I'm pissed," said the Coon.

I thought it was interesting and in some ways refreshing. When one thinks of futbol Qatar and Russia hardly come to mind. But perhaps with them hosting the World Cup that could change.

Coon did not agree. Qatar and Russia hardly have metropolises traditionally worthy of World Cup Glory. Ximena Cubria, overhearing the information, became subtlety disagreeable.

"You're so ignorant," said she.

For her culture and the beauty of difference hails priority over the number of stadiums a country has.

For me. Shamelessly. I'd wish for naivety. That perhaps, in some Utopian society, the love of futbol meant more than the highest bidder. That the inspiration and exposure of a country was a lot more than foreign investments and banks. For the love of the game. Even the Joga Bonita like Brasilians.

However, Turning a blind eye to billions is dangerously non-pragmatic.

Perhaps true globalization lies in the extent a culture/country/people/society is willing to pay/bargain/invest/sacrifice as a means of opportunity/increase/enrichment/growth for their position/influence/perspective/identity in the international community.