You taking a break?

I sat Shamelessly in front of the church house. A cool tea in hand and the sun glimmering off my sunglasses. A weekend already proven in felicity now provided the tranquil weather.

My hands, slightly iced by the northern fronts. The sun, a relentless object all its own, fought the coolness with distant inferno. Not enough to warm the concrete, and so temporary that all its attempts would surely be forgotten as the earth turns its blind eye for evening.

But for a moment. This moment. They made a mini temporal Paradise suitable for prince and princess.

A woman approached from the distance with bags in hand.

"You taking a break?" said she.

"Oui. Madame."

"Well why don't I join you."

As she sat the pleasantry of her accent rung in my mind, and I came to find that she hails from South Africa.

"We speak the king's English. Not that other dribble. "

We discussed a lot from our few minute conversation.

"Do you like Texas so far?"

"Yes. It's wonderful. It's very peaceful. Here the cars and steering wheels are on the wrong side, so I walked two hours to the market center. But it was o so pleasant! "


" it not?" Said she.

"Well....some parts of the city are better than others."

"I understand. People doing stupid things. Where I come from there are so much drugs. The Nigerians are like drug lords."

Issues are as sure to occur everywhere as a sunrise. But. So are their remedies.

"Well I think my feet are well rested. Thank you for sharing Shameless."

"You as well madame. Do you need a hand up?"

As I helped her to her feet she thanked me and said I was quite the gentleman. And with that she strolled back into the distance.
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