plain ol' livin

The holidays twinkle while the former year dwindles. What was of 2010 will soon be chalked up to memory and countless countdowns.

Top 10 Sexiest...
Top 10 Most Shocking...
Most Memorable Moments..
......... of 2010.

Perhaps it's something proverbially magical, yet most likely mental, while mass ignorantly spiritual, which drives the euphoria of this season. The Shameless blazon of trees and lights, while every music artist has their take on the holiday classics.

But after the rapping paper lies trashed in a pile, the looming presence of a new year lingers like mistletoes of yesterday. And with every new year comes a profound sense of repentance. Whereas believers pray on bending knee, upon pew, or in booths with priests, to make sense of error and to by grace change their ways.

Christianity deems to die to one's flesh everyday. A new year deems to die to one's old way(s).

Change requires the truth. The brass tax about oneself. The self-revelation thereof.

The idea of self-re-creation is beautiful, and in many ways, a blessed hope to all. To place away the regrets of yesterday with the new ambition of overcoming.

There is so much that can be said for 365 days. 52 weeks. 12 months. 31,556,996 seconds. And just plain ol' livin. Time does go by fast. It happened. We were there when it did. But the greatest preparation for time, is taking time. New Year's resolutions are a mere benchmark to personal investiture, but hardly a reason to delay.

He knows it's broke.
He waits to fix it?

Why leave broke, what's really broken to begin with?

Now 9 or so days away from the pinnacle of the calender. The great ball drops in Time Square as the drunks delight in the illuminated twilight. Across the world regionally specific traditions take place, and everyone knows it's a new year.

A new day. A new life.

But it's not the change from 2010-2011 that makes the new day. It's the new change. And with all Vagabond candidness, it begins within. The euphoria, and even reality, of a new life is kept alive by the ability to believe. To act. To enjoy.

Where does the aura go once the 2011 is not as fresh?

Is there a shelf life for a year?

Yep. About a year. 365 days. 52 weeks. 12 months. 31,556,996 seconds. Or so.

But plain ol' livin?

Now that. There. Is a day away.