Everybody. Needs. Somebody.

I woke with a peculiar feeling. A warmth and tingling all over. I could feel the corners of my mouth strangely curl into a smile, and as I sat on the edge of the futon I knew Christmas was upon me.

I made a prayer to the Father, giving thanks for another year, another blessing. Then I grabbed my cell phone. Commence Texting.

I did best to avoid all holiday hypocrisy by not sending general mass text messages. I scrolled through my phone sending personal greetings with small nostalgic sentiments, and pretty much anything to let the person know that this was specifically meant for them.

I got personal responses, for personal messages.

"Merry Christmas to you and yours Shameless One," said Swiss, and it made a Vagabond feel good.

My father, Big Snake, and I rode out to meet with my brother and sister. Amadeus Woods and Comanche de Brie. An eclectic mash of personality breeds the most interesting conversations, and I wonder how we're even related.

We journey to Missouri City, which is not in Missouri State, but in the south-side of Houston. Familiar hosts await us, as well as much, much, food. the Fabulous Fabio and Queen Pythagoras are a matured couple who despite no blood relation treat our Shameless clan as family. We know them. They know us.

I get a text message wishing a Merry Christmas. I don't know who it's from, but I respond as if I did.

In the background Fabio's voice elevates over the television and over Amadeus' argument. My brother stood no chance against old school wisdom and boisterious rhetoric. Big Snake says "Be careful Fabio. You might end up in the Shameless One's blog."

He was right.

However, the Fabulous one is a bit Shameless himself, and said no one would care about his appearance. But I beg to differ. His appearance in a blog pales in comparison to his family's appearance in my family's life. He's the King of a castle containing a wall of tiger paintings and shares his loot with loved ones.

Such giving worthy of defining the proverbial "Christmas Spirit", which in it's original essence is God's love. A gift of the only begotten Son.

Amadeus and Comanche are dropped off at their homes, while Snake and I return to our abodes. I sit in my room writing when I get a call from Kay. A woman who works at the local Wal-Mart who I befriended some time ago.

She called from the bus stop to say Merry Christmas, and when I asked if she was headed to see family, she said she had none. She was merely heading to work. Her mother and father are gone. Her son. At the movies.

I become thankful all over again, and as I bid her adieu I realize that me, A casual consumer acquaintance is one of the closest to being family that she knows.

When you know what you've lost, you appreciate having. When you know others don't have, you respect riches once taken for granted. The most wonderful time of the year is so wonderful because of the people who take the time to show gratitude.

Everybody. Needs. Somebody.

- Much Blessing for you and yours this Christmas - Shameless Vagabond.