They have great rhythm.

"He was a boy. She was a girl. Can I make it anymore obvious?"

The wise words of Avril Lavigne, and indeed, an intricate part to any tale of "love".

No matter the circumstance. No matter the race. No matter the place. The boy and girl dynamic is a simple formula. And through all of the intricate twists and turns of relationship and delicate details that define every love story, beneath it lies this tandem.


He was a boy from Yugoslavia. The Chemical Minister. Chemistry Professor.

She was a girl from Romania. Heir Doctura. Social Scientist.

This isn't as obvious.

Doctura is my professor of European Studies, and Minister is her beloved husband. For the entirety of the semester we have discussed the intricate details of European history and policy, and the possible direction of the continent's future. Under the guise of a youthful doctora I have made progress from the romanticism that many American's have with Europe's popular destinations, and experienced an enlightenment to the beauties and flaws of Europe as a whole.

But textbook readings didn't tell of the story I saw between the Doctura and the Minister. After much anticipation she finally had him come to speak about the history of post war Yugoslavia. He had never taught on the subject, and I found his classroom "chemistry" to be most informative.

However, I was Shamelessly occupied with a different chemical formula.

As he cracked jokes and did his best to field questions from brilliant minds, Heir Doctura watched in wonder. Her face was as red as a communist sunset, and her expressions fluctuated with the anticipation of his every gesture.

At one point the Minister could not find a marker that would work on the dry erase bored. Doctura begin to carouse for more markers and tested them until she found a functional one, all without his asking.

He didn't miss a beat.

She didn't miss a beat.

They have great rhythm.

She's a young doctor, barley breaking the cusp of 30 years old, and although her youth has never failed to energize the classroom the response to her husband brought a completely different aspect to her energy.

Somehow. In the scope of the universe. And although not verbally specific. But principally significant.

A boy met a girl.

This much, was quite obvious.