I am hungry.

About the mid afternoon things can get interesting.

The sun rose at 5 a.m. , but I rose at 8. And between then and now, so much took place. A class here. A drive there. So much work can make one's body weary. So much so that around mid afternoon the nutrients from a well balanced breakfast are depleted.


I am hungry.

The gastronomic endeavor on a university campus is always an interesting, and even critical to daily vitality. The multitudes of campus organizations offer free food, and one must be keen enough to time their tastes to maximize upon charitable cuisines.

A rumor in the wind. Annual Chili Cook Off is today.

10$ to taste chili?

No thank you.

Then comes Aladdin, a wise Shameless sage, who says:

"Watch the dollar sign, on the sign. It says 10 tickets. Not 10 dollars."

2$ for 10 tickets.

A most agreeable circumstance.

Now united in our endeavor we trek to the cooking grounds. A multitude of tents each with their own chili identity. A subtle tensity between competitors as the greatest amount of tickets accrued decides their cook-off fate.

I, hoisting a cup of chili and ten tickets, carouse as a Vagabond of taste. Tent to tent holding a percentage of fate in my hands. Tent to tent. Stint to stint. I am filled with the meaty spices and savor.

Aladdin suggest I try a certain chili, and upon tasting, I am overwhelmed.

"I didn't know chili could be so different," I Shamelessly proclaim.

A woman, The Madame of Ministry, smiles and says my saying is great, and that she wants to quote me. Partially confused, but utterly honored, I say sure.

It is at this moment that Aladdin explains to me the southern delicacy that chili is. A regional dish of Texas, and a symbol of southern ingenuity, that I have somehow overlooked.

I've heard of the chili cookout. I've lived in the Loan Star State my whole life, so to miss the memo on Chili as being indicative to Texans is culturally atrocious.


How can anyone Texan not know about the vast universe of Chili?

"Did you not grow up here?" asks Aladdin.

Well..I thought I did.