Granita Good Sir?

It was a chance meeting where circumstance overcame opposition to quell ignorance.

I never wanted to go to Cafe A. Because. I discovered Cafe B first. Why mess up a good thing? More variables in an equation tend to make for more arduous arithmetic.


Circumstance tends to be a variable that none of us can account for. No matter how planned. No matter how structured. Specific as we may be, fortune has little respect for our calendar.

Such was it during the last Thanksgiving when I wanted to visit Cafe B. Coffee. Conversation. WiFi.

But as the Holidays would have it, my Cafe was closed, and I was left a scattered Shamelessly without caffeinated hope.

Until I recalled. Cafe A, lay, across the street. Cafe A was not closed for the Holidays. Cafe A was open until 2 a.m.

And so it was, that I now had two Cafes.

1+1=2 , and I think my addition skills are growing.

For a while I would pass the evening between the two Cafes. Cafe hopping as a source of anti-alcoholism, and it brought me great joy. More coffee. atmosphere. people. music. money. lounging. O, quite the Vagabond ability it was to j-walk amidst the moonlight's traffic.

You know a place, has a place, in your heart, whenever the people who work there begin to know you. To know what you like.

"Granita Good Sir?"

"For sure. Keep my tab open."


The conscious of circumstance knows and cares not for our plans.

Cafe A was taken away from my life as easy as it had entered.

A message from a friend. A fire at the adjacent antique shop. Spreads to Cafe A. Cafe is in flames. The inside engulfed inferno. The outside like a bad dream. The owners stand in front after 4 a.m. as 9 years of business resides in char.

I had gotten used to variables. Without them, the equation isn't as interesting.

-to Cafe Agora and Company