Why not ask her to sit?

It was after 7. In the corner sat a Shameless Vagabond. Coffee Warm. Black. Sugary. As he read the faint glow of his netbook illuminated the books title.

"The Unbearable Lightness of Being" by Milan Kundera.

The story took place in Prague and several parts of Eastern Europe over 40 years ago. Shameless' took place and continued concurrently in Houston, Tx at cafe.

T'was pure blessing to be assigned a riveting read like Kundera. The book is riddled with humane parallels, while taking turns esoterically at the drop of a dream. An overdose of infidelity, while faithfully read.

Lightness. Weight.

Determined to finish the book. Yes, he was. But if any deterrent could exist, and like any reality, should exist, it would have to be a woman.

While focused. And really. He was focused. A vixen of a feline approached the Shameless One.

"Excuse me. Sorry to bother, but are you with the Literary Magazine?" says she.

Now. In a world where wit is as quick as light, and deceit as daring, he would have said yes. And in the back of Shameless' mind he even thought about it. However, "No" was all he could say.

"O," said the Vixen. "I thought you might be him because you were reading and all."

And with casual defeat lingering he said - "O. I'm just reading for class."

Eyes returning to the page, his thoughts were certainly not on the lovers in Prague. He could have said anything but "No" and "O".

I mean.

Why not ask her to sit? She obviously was keen on literature, and perhaps had indulged in the pages of Kundera herself. O how fleeing are moments when we're filled with indecision and possess slow feet.

However. She being as light as light left as quickly as the flip of a switch could render, and for the Shameless One this was quite bearable. There was already enough sex, compassion, expression, tension and drama between the lovers in Kundera's book, he surely could remain entertained.

And it did. That night. And even until Morning. It Did.

4 hours and he had finished the book, only taking a break to drive home from the cafe. Now after 12, he Shamelessly sat on the futon.....He just sat there.

Finishing a book is like being unplugged from the Matrix. It's like someone turning on the light to disrupt your deep sleep.

All you can do is think. All there is to do is wonder.

"Now What?"