To excerise my Shameless Civil Voice

As a Vagabond, and a Shameless one at that, the systems of society fall under great scrutiny.


However, as an American, and a product of education, one cannot so blatantly ignore liberties.


No matter how much knowledge gained or experience endured, a citizen's freedom still has an undeniable profundity. An essence, and indeed power, that not everyone in this world can eat the fruits of.

We owe it to them, those who cannot exercise the lightness of decision, to at least try.


I tried.

The desire to vote was ignited by my class on comparative political systems. Among many other amazing things, I've learned that the basis of democracy is the involvement of the people. Without participation the system cannot serve its purpose.

So with this years Mid-Term Elections I was determined to early vote.

To exercise my Shameless Civil Voice.

I looked for my nearest voting location, certain that the last day of early voting would be enough to make my voice heard. However, the process was not as simple. Voting registration is done by counties, and to register it has to be 30 days before the election date.

My last registration was done in county X. I have not seen it's unsavory landscape since I Graduated.

I need to be registered in county Y. I have not been registered here in about 6 years.

(the desire to vote + registered in county X)divided by now living in county Y = no early voting for me.


My options are as such.

1. Drive over an hour to the Unsavory City and vote.
2. Drive 30 min into the city to vote on an limited ballot.
3. Wait until next Tuesday, and then drive to the Unsavory City to vote.
4. Register and wait 2 years for the next election.

Suddenly. The sense of duty and patriotism have Shamelessly seeped from consciousness.

I'll vote. Sure.

I just don't know how "early" it will be.