There we were. As only a study group could gather us. A collective cornucopia of intellect surrounding the circular table. In a small Catholic University. In a cold, cold, library.

On our day off.


However, failing the midterm is not an option, hence the study group trudged on.

Perhaps there are traits indicative to collegiate study groups. A pensive head scratch. A hypothetical tangent. A joke gone too far. Eventually, a study guide completed.

No matter how cliche, or even predictable, the beauty of social naturally is astounding. So humane. To share in laughter as well as the difference within.

The difference without? Seemingly as blatant as the information we studied, but Shamelessly as unique as liberty proclaimed.

A tangent. Not hypothetical. But candid.

A Caucasian, Irish, Choctaw Native American - The Governor
A Native Americanish Apache Latino - Alan the Apache
An Iranian, Muslim, but not really - The Negotiator
An Indian, Black, Parents Kicked out of the Country for converting to Christianity - Miss Back In Shape
A Shameless Vagabond - A Shameless Vagabond

What in the great heavens did any of this have to do with the economic state of Western Europe in the 70's or Kadarism?

Nothing. Or Perhaps. Everything.

Ranging from 19 to 24 years of age. Combined by academic aspirations. Separated by cultures, histories and lineage only to find the Shamelessness in similitude.

All of this. And we study the history of an era before our lives began, of a country which we're not from. All of this. And we didn't even try to force this combinative cauldron.

A study group? A simple collegiate cliche?

I Shamelessly say. Nay. Surface=Assumption.

After all, anyone visiting would have thought it was a normal day at the University, while it was supposed to be a day off.


They would be wrong.