Jeremiah Johnson was a Vagabond

I strolled through the film section succumbing to an almost human proclivity to purchase more DVDs than there's time or good sense to view. Usually in these instances at least 5 movies are added to a Shameless assortment, and this occasion was much of the same.

Except for a striking resemblance. A moment of Deja Vu? Prophetical forwardness perhaps? If you will.

Upon a white DVD case was a man. A man dressed in the garments of wilderness, holding bear traps and rifle in hand. His beard as grizzle as the skins he dawned, and his demeanor was as carved as the mountains where within he made his way.

This man. Is Jeremiah Johnson.

He's not real. At least, not in the name. But he is based upon the Mountain Men of the early to mid 1800's, and more specifically one named Liver-Eating Johnson.

Mountain Men escaped from the world to live in the wild. They tracked game and lived off of the hunt. Barters with the local "Indian" tribes could either lead to respectful associates or the removal of one's scalp.

So. What.

Really? Shameless One, what does Jeremiah Johnson have to do with ......well anything?

Anything in this day? A text message to someone sitting 5 feet away from you. Katy Perry's exotic wedding. The Democrats or Republicans taking control. A mosque being built at ground zero. Justin Bieber's bank account. Tweeting about a harlot's much going on.

I suppose he has nothing to do with it, and indeed that's what drove him into the hills. The hypocrisies and imbalances of his day, led him astray to live where things were true.

Jeremiah Johnson is a Vagabond.

I knew it as soon as I saw the cover. Almost as if it where the Shameless One upon the case. There's been a longing, and perhaps, a guilty pleasure in the making. The desire to carry a huge knife, grow a beard, get on a horse and see what happens.

The media says to eat Mc Donald's, while I watch a documentary saying 1/3 of children born after 2000 will have diabetes from their diets. Jeremiah had to get away from his wayward world into the unknown known.


He knew that he wouldn't know anything except what was already known to be learned.

I watched a film starring Robert Redford about a fictitious Mountain Man, based on real life's of mountain men and loosely on a Liver-Eating Johnson, and I understood who and how he was.

His blade was sharp. From Use. My keyboard keys are worn down. From Use.

He roamed the mountains.

I Blog.


I've never slept outside a night in my life, and there has never been gun power stains on these fingers.


I know a Vagabond when I see one.