I was indeed Nova Scotian

Longer than my memory cares to remind me I have always been interested in the details of my ethnicity. Just how much of what mixture is in me? A dab of this? A smash of that? It's very intriguing.

Race, color, ethnicity, are all so fragile. A person of my same skin color could easily be Brazilian.

Actually. Almost every time I speak Portuguese to a Brazilian, they think I'm Brazilian.

Meanwhile across the Atlantic there is someone in South Africa who fits the description.

They don't speak Portuguese at all.

Yet, if we're ignorant we could easily get them confused. If we're ignorant, we're capable of words and actions that, long after committed, will haunt us.

When I was in high school I begin to trace my heritage. I found that the ancestors on my mother's side migrated to Nova Scotia, and I was filled with naive joy.

"Wow....Nova Scotia. Sounds wonderful," I thought.

It sounded so exotic. It seemed so foreign, so distant, so different from everything I knew. I was indeed Nova Scotian. I was indeed. European.



I begin to Shamelessly proclaim to Mr. Yam, a friend, how I was a proud descendant of the European lineage of Nova Scotia. He paused with puzzlement.

"Dude. Nova Scotia is in Canada," said Mr. Yam.

"....What? Shut up! There's no way! I mean...Just listen to the sound of it...it sounds soooooo European," The Shameless One said very ignorantly.

We hurried to the nearest map, and there it was. Nova Scotia. In Canada.

Mr.Yam laughed at me. All I could do was take it. He was right. I had allowed ignorance and lack of information to arouse my passions, and I had made a gross assumption.

There goes a saying about when you make assumptions. You tend to make an ass of yourself, and someone else. Not this time. I was the only one.

That was almost 10 years ago. I'm pursuing my Master's Degree in International Studies so that I'll have correct information when I write about something on global scale. I'll travel the world, and who knows, maybe even visit Canada.


No matter how much knowledge I gain, or how many places I travel to. If Canada and my name are mentioned to Mr. Yam he will always be reminded of my ignorance.

"Haha. Hey man, remember that time you thought Nova Scotia was in Europe?"

Yes. Yes I do.