Capitalism Cracked

Such liberty it is to attain something at the whim of desire. The craving rises in an instant, and I've learned it can only be satiated by instant gratification. The kind of instantaneous ease that only capitalism can bring.

I want.
I go.
I find.
I pay.
I have.

In this American society the only breakdown in the chain of attainment comes from financial disparity, and even then there are options.

Name Brand.
Great Value.
Kroger Brand.
Dollar Store.

It's not so much about the dollars spent on the item, as it is about the item's availability. The whole tempo is set to the rhythmic footsteps of consumers who all know that anything they desire is available.

If something runs out there's always surplus available. As long as you have the cash, you can replace whatever you need.

Toilet tissue.
Klondike Bars.

What would I do for a Klondike Bar?

Well. When intense craving strikes, I leave the house immediately. I go to Wal-Mart, because that's where capitalism lives. I automatically expect the plethora of not only ice creams, but varieties of Klondike Bars.

So when I see every freezer on the ice cream isle empty, I don't know what to do.

Adjacent to the empty ice cream freezers is the Shamelessly full frozen meal section. Packed with variety. Filled to overflow.

It was obvious,in the midst of abundant efficiency, and even if the entire store was in surplus, that capitalism had failed.

Somewhere in the chain of command Capitalism cracked.

I circled the freezers just to be sure.

My inane sense consumer propriety failed me. Capitalist consciousness led me to a barren land.

But in the abyss of anti-ice cream disparity my senses kicked in.

"There is a Kroger 10 minutes away."