33 Chileans?

Some time ago a very scientific event, supernaturally esoteric, but perhaps naturally explainable, took place.

Chile, while carefully tucked in South America, was ravaged by earthquake.

8.8 magnitude.

More than 795 Dead.

Over 500,000 buildings destroyed.

A travesty, no matter what disparity, may be, in the numbers.


Some time before time ago. Like. 2000 or so years. A man named Jesus Christ, the perfect Son of God, The Lamb, The Savior, walked the Earth doing miracles and cutting with a two edged sword of Words directly from Heaven. The Christ was 33 years old when he took 33 stripes upon his back for the sins of the world. He was 33 when nails were driven into his hands on the cross. 33 when he was placed into a tomb, but immortal when we rose on the 3rd day.


A long time after some time before ago, but not too much more after some time ago, 33 miners were trapped in the grounds of Chile.

So soon after disaster? Would these lives be added to the body count?

795 or so from the earthquake + 33 = at least 828 dead.


After 2 months the 33 were rescued from almost 2000 ft. underground. They rose on the 70thish day.

I Shamelessly suppose that after the year Chile's had they needed a little resurrection. I Shamelessly suppose the whole world could use 33 reasons to live, to praise, to smile, to love, to write. To whatever.

33 Chileans? Que un milagro. Gloria Dios.