Just enough for my lifetime.

A long time ago. Like. 4 years or so. I had A Friend.

On an evening of conversational enlightenment we delighted in the delicate redness. Almost no topic was spared. God. Love. Life. World.

The dialogue was a glorious fluctuation of climactic laughter which invariably dipped into valleys of somber dispositions. However, in order to be realistic, we had to be all inclusive. The Good, The Bad, and the Sobriety.

A Friend was much older than the Shameless one, and her journey through undergrad was culminating as my mine was just warming up. I fed off her wisdom, and undoubted maturity, and I like to think that my youthful outlook and passion touched her.

"I don't really know where this whole thing is going," I said to her. "I guess....I'm just trying to figure the world out."

After this point I can't recall much exchange between A Friend and the Shameless one. A few MySpace dialogues. But that was it.

Sooner, then perhaps a dash of later, years went by. I did some really cool things. I did some really bad things. I repented, and at the end of the years God still forgave me.

Humbly. As much as I know how. I endured. Endure.

Facebook became more than a bookmark on my web browser, and is now an internet normality. I refresh every five minutes on my "smart" phone to see if anyone cares that I exist.

I exist.

But with all of the narcissism, tags, invitations to unsavory events which I will never attend, the increasing amount of inbox and advertising spam and the occasional profound status: A Friend was online.

Now far away. Once sitting adjacent on a couch. We reunite. A mutual delight in our successes is exchanged, and like every corporate big shot, she's chating while at work. I'm shamelessly honored.

Through the screen of common catchup questions she asks me something, and I can't say I've thought about it or have a just answer to respond.

"Still trying to figure the world out?" said A Friend.

I flashed back to the 20 year old Vagabond, but he's almost 24 now.

"I reckon so," I reply.

"Well, let me know what you find out," says she.


I could quote the lofty verbage found in my quasi science textbooks, or even the finest passages from memoirs of travel journalist. But that would be a mere regurgitation of someone else's findings.

I wont volunteer a secondary source for my first hand experience.

For the sake of simplicity, and perhaps vagueness.

This much I know.

1.God is Real=Jesus rose on the 3rd day.
2.So is the Devil.
3.But God is better than the Devil.
4. I Exist.
5.This Journey is more difficult than previously imagined.
6.But I was made for it.
7. I love coffee.
8. I've been in love twice.
9. I'll never figure it all out.
10. I don't want to figure it all out.
11. Just enough for my lifetime.