Back In the U.S.S.R.

One of classes I'm enrolled in is the Regional Study of Europe. An enlightening, albeit depressing, journey from post WW2 Europe until today.

My study of European history, and even understanding, has been sheltered by the curriculum of classes past.

"Between 1939 and 1945 some bad bad things happened....yep."

The total study of European history has been a revelatory rectum kick, full of delightful surprises and shocking let downs.

The Jews? Awwww man. I knew they got treated bad during the war. You know? Auschwitz and such. But they were still getting the short stick after the fact.

The French? Are we communist? No? Oui? Merci?

The Romanians?.....?????? that, like, um, people from Rome? Rome-Mania?

It's an Eastern European country, that I've learn has just as much history as the rest of Europe. My Romanian professor is Shamelessly certain to let us know.

But for all of the Vagabond's glorious dissolutions of a spotless Western European history, my biggest one has to come from the Kremlin.

Mother Russia. Part of the Author Formerly Known as the Soviet Union. U.S.S.R.

Back in the U.S.S.R.

As a child this is what I knew.

1. Zangief from the video game Street Fighter was from the U.S.S.R. A big bear of a man. All Russians must be wrestlers.

2. .........

That's about it.

I've come to learn tales of the Mighty Russian Red Army. The devastating victory of their tactics, and the atrocities...of their tactics. The raping of women by soldiers parallels the subsequent pillaging of the satellite nations like the Ukraine, Poland, The Baltic States and others. The dissolve of communism by Mikhail Gorbachev's earnest efforts to reform. It's just another brick in the Iron Curtain?

I never heard about this playing Street Fighter.

Why Zangief??? Why??

Perhaps he had nothing do with it all. Well. He had nothing to do with it at all. He's not a real person.

But that didn't stop my mis-education of the Soviet Union and Russia.

I reckon. And this is a big reckon. Maybe all Asians can't do Karate? What if all African Americans don't like watermelon, and all African's don't speak through a series of tongue clicks?

You mean all Australasians don't through boomerangs? Middle Easterners don't wear bombs everywhere they go? All Texans ride horses? Naive ignorance has to meet the truth someday.

If we're blessed enough.