She's Right

"Huff Puff" goes the Shameless one at Costa's Gym.

Riding on a summertime wave of fitness euphoria I sat sweating in the back of the gym. Today was the day I push myself. More reps. More weight. More Minutes. More Focus. More muscle.

That's the whole idea.

I arrived at 9a.m. , properly stretched, and began to run. As I moved to biceps the sweat still freshly glistened all over my body. The bench press called me forth as I stacked on weight. Kiss' "Love Gun" comes blasting through my ear buds, as I feel the proverbial "burn".

Mixing and matching is the style. Upper to lower body to give myself a break in between sets. The clank of the plates on the leg press calls the attention of those around me. I don't remember what music was playing at this point.

At this point I was about 45 minutes into my workout. Slightly exhausted, but not defeated. Still abs, calves and an attractive female towards the front of the gym.

Wait a second? That can't be right.

I was to late.

In between sets of pumping iron I took a 10 second break to set my eyes on a finely sculpted woman. In the process of taking the plates off the machine I drop the 45lbs of iron on my leg. I shuffle nonchalantly to sit down at the lat pull station, but for a moment I did no workout. I held my lukecold bottle of water to my leg without satisfaction, while covertly scanning the perimeter to see if anyone had noticed.

No One Had.

Def Leppard's "Bringing on the Heartbreak" is playing.

I avoid the woman at all costs until our fates brought us into the small room where I do abs and stretch.

"1,2,3,4, thigh,6,7,8,nice leg,"

I loose count.

No matter. I need to get rid of these love handles anyway.

She asks what results I'm looking for, then suggests an exercise she learned in the service. She's a marine.A hott, perhaps in her mid 30's, marine. She lifts her shirt to show me the results. I flat stomach with a sun tattoo around her bellybutton. Miss Marine is from Corpus Christi and moved to Houston 6 days ago.She makes a pass at me.

"You already seem to do your cardio. I can look and tell," she says.

She's right.

"Yeah. I normally do it before i left," says Shameless.

"You should try to do some after. It really helps overall to cool down," she responds.

I run on the treadmill for a brisk five minutes. It feels great. She's on a different row, but she knows where I am. She knows what to do. I do to. But instead. I finish my cool down and head for the exit.