On a Personal Note

On a personal note I would like to say the following will be more about my life than mere social observation.

That's unless I have failed at masking pretense up until now.

In which case, it doesn't matter anyway.

It has been several days since my last blog. No, the reservoir of inspiration, musings and criticisms have not run dry. In fact, I've had several ideas for blogs during my posting sabbatical. There was one about watching a father toil with his two young children, and even one about the 9 day traffic jam in China.

However, these events and several others couldn't break through my unrelenting stream of consciousness unto this blog for a simple reason.

They have absolutely nothing to do with me. At least not in an foreseeable degrees.

The recent developments in the life of the Shameless one took so much precedence that I had not the freedom to compose. By the time I found my way to a computer the ideas had escaped like a runaway slave.

They don't look back.

Instead of blogging I have spent the past week or so in transition from summer graduate school sessions into my first official fall semester. A 3.5 GPA on the summer. An orientation 2 months late. And I'm very blessed to be where I am.

The University of the Shining Star is what I like to call it, and after two days I know I'm going to love it. One of my Professors is an interestingly attractive Romanian Doctor. The other, a household legend in international studies.

Suddenly, the Vagabond Houstonian is getting used to Houston. Not that he likes it. It's really humid. But with all expat/delusional/ignorance aside:

Things are going really well.

Thank God.