I read and poop.

You should never judge a book by its cover. Then again, I don't think this saying has anything to do with book at all.

I think it more so refers to not judging people, and beauty is on the inside gig.

Which is true also, but not what I want to blog about. Not today.

I really want to talk about books, and the reading that follows.

So many books over a lifetime. The ones chewed upon in baby cribs are perhaps no less important than those Universities make students purchase for asinine dollar amounts, only to sell them back for a meager percentage.

I cried when I was in the 4th grade after reading Karen Heese's Phoenix Rising . I don't cry so much these days.

Although I don't don't believe the purpose of reading is to cry, I do believe in the importance of literature's effect on us. Personal reading time takes persistence and I believe it pays off when a book inspires you. 2 hours watching a movie is wonderful, but when you fight page by page for a couple of weeks the stories seem to mean more.

At least to me they do.

You grow with the characters over a period of time, because it's literally a piece of your life spent getting to know them. Your mind works in brilliant ways to concoct the faces and landscapes from beautifully crafted sentences, and a piece of the stories, emotions and lessons are imparted into your spirit as you spend sometimes a week just trying to finish a good novel.

Movies are the microwaves of story telling. All of the work is already done for you, and although it tastes good you know that it was all over too soon.

I've seen three films in the past two weeks, all of which I loved dearly. So much so that I want to see them again. The mind inspiration of Inception. The carnage of The Expendables. The incessant laughter of The Other Guys. All moments so rich in entertainment, but so short that I'm ultimately unsatisfied.

I say all this to inform the world that I now leave a book by the toilet. I've heard of it and seen it friend's houses, but I've never tried it.

Currently a copy of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s Breakfast of Champions sits open to chapter 9. Every time a poop I read this book. I don't text message. I don't play smartphone games. I read and poop. Without fail.

I have several other books that I'm reading simultaneously, and in these days of diversion it's honestly difficult to trudge through a 300 page novel. However, I poop a lot, so if nothing there's at least one book making steady progress. It almost serves as an anchor for the Shameless one's reading endeavors. Breakfast for Champions stays in the bathroom, so if I don't poop, I don't read it.

Force feeding book reading via the porcelain palace has made me appreciate the free time I have to read outside of the bathroom, and I've continued to read multiple books on a daily basis.

It's weird, but it's working.