No one wants to steal my netbook????

Coralie Clement sings about gin, and I'm hoping it rains soon. I brought my umbrella not "just in case", but for "please do".

"Satisfy my cliche mother nature! Puuulease, let it rain after a finish my blog and coffee so that I can walk into the cool night drizzle."

I believe I becoming a dedicated blogger. It was a struggle at first. How many other people have a ""? How many of these people actually stick with it for more than a week's whim? These were all questions that ran through my mind, and are completely irrelevant to whether or not I should write.

I have a netbook. I have an internet connection. I have an unrelenting stream of consciousness. Who cares what others do?

I continue to write Shamelessly with the belief that continuance is the key to success. Not predicated on whether or not people read it (necessarily), but based more on personal intrigue. Undergrad Uni wasn't about knowledge, it was about completion. I have a resume and thick piece of paper to prove it. So, for the sake of relevance, blogging isn't about people reading it. It's about actually doing it, and not just when you feel like it.

"If you write it; they will read," or something to that effect.

I'm running out of blog juice and the sky, is dry. I felt that chilling breeze that hints to rainfall, but I don't think I will get my cliche climax. I left my netbook in the cafe just so I could go to my car and now it's not going to happen??! For Shame.

I guess I should rejoice that I dwell in such savory atmospheres as to have the liberty to leave my netbook at an empty table amidst a crowded cafe. I returned to find it as I had left it.

"Really? No one wants to steal my netbook?,"

I guess that's a good thing right? Either that, or I need to make an upgrade.