4 years later...

A lot can happen in a year, let alone 4 years. It took that much time to finish highschool, and was supposed to be the same for undergraduate school.

I opted for the "5 year Extended Scholar's Program"


Procrastinations and prolonging aside, 4 years is a long time for anything to happen. Upon its beginning it seems like an ungodly amount of time to wait for anything, and when it's over it seems to have come all to swiftly. Somewhere in between you just seem to loose track of the time, and in the words of one of my favorite songsters you may say:

"How did I get here, and why the hell did it take this long?"

This time 4 years ago I was 19 years old, had no driver's license, and played guitar for a living. The summer of 2006 was also the season of the infamous Kansas Road Trip. 12 hours one way, 2 speeding tickets, racial profiling and a dead armadillo , and I still arch my eyebrows upon the mention of that dreadful place.

4 years ago Brasil, my heart and passion, was knocked out of the World Cup in the quarterfinals. Although I loved the country and culture I had yet to really emerse myself in it, so for me the loss was like the lowest quiz grade in a college class. It often gets dropped; you never really think about it.

However, after studying Brazilian Portuguese, learning the Samba, countless mix CD's and a customized futebol jersey; things change. 4 Years later and I bleed green, yellow, and blue. 4 Years later I play cavaquinho and sing in Portuguese. 4 years later I sit in a Buffalo Wild Wings watching the World Cup 2010.

Four Years later....Brasil looses. An own goal and red card by Felipe (The F-Up) Melo, and this Vagabond is a broken man. No words. No Samba. Just Somber.

I slept most the day. Ignored most of my messages.

4 years later the next Copa de Mundo is in Brasil in 2014. I will have a master's degree, and probably be married to a really, really, really hott woman. I might have a kid or two, the president may still be "black" and the world may not end in 2012. But still....

4 years is a long a** time.