Brasilian Avatar?

As I continue to charge into this vast abyss known as post-graduate/adulthood/real world almost nothing is certain. Even with a schedule for graduate classes, church, and recreation there always seems to be a whole lot going.

(This makes sense. Trust me)

Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan on my mid-term for Modern Philosophy and inconclusive sand-women filled Sunday evening, but at least the morning's church service was enriching. I watched Avatar for the first time the day before, and it changed my life.

I watched it a second time before studying for my mid-term, and as I lay recovering from my battle with modern philosophical reasoning the flea paranoia increases. The dog is laying next to me, and I know he has fleas because he's scratching right now.

But do I have fleas?

Two phone calls to let my Nanny know I didn't forget about her photos, and that I would have them ready for her this week. The other didn't answer my call, which resulted in an incoherent 2 minute voicemail.

4 hours ago before this I consciously made reservations for Brasil's first World Cup match at Empiro Brasil in Portuguese. I have 3 sections of Rene Decartes' Discourse on Method to read with a pop quiz possibility tomorrow. Brasil takes the field at 1:30 tomorrow. If this quiz exists, it will be at 12:50 at a location 20 minutes from where I made reservations.

What just happened?

Not a random exchange of events. No Sir. No Mam. Não Senhor. Não Senhora.

Though seemingly unrelated, they all share a commonwealth in the experience of my life.
Somewhere in between slapping my leg with fear of fleas and writing this blog, I had time to take a photo. Yes. Of my feet.

Wow. My life is not bad at all.

I began to thank God for everything. Afterall, I could be like Jake Sully, the main character of Avatar. He's a paraplegic who would have wished to feel a flea chomping at his leg. He found his freedom, and even love, amongst the seemingly savage people of Pandora. However, for a while he lived a double life, and had lost touch with reality, as his life amongst The People became more real than the life he had known.

He was on a journey Shamelessly and didn't understand anything at first. A man who walked the walk without legs. That's admirable, and I'm very joyful that the World Cup is taking place in South Africa. That must mean so much to "The People" of the Dark Continent, in a way I don't fully understand, because I'm an American. Tomorrow I will wear a Brasilian Jersey. I don't own a United States Jersey.

Maybe if I keep on ill turn into a Brasilian Avatar? The dog just jumped into my lap, and when I scratch my head tomorrow I will wonder if I have fleas.

Sometimes the only thing about existence that makes sense, is that fact that it existed at all.