From the outside looking in it can seem that traveling is something for the privileged, but the reality is that it’s for anyone who’s willing to try. When I jumped on my first plane, I opened my mind and heart to the beauties of adventure. After so many years I like to think I've learned a thing or two not only about how to travel, but also how to do so cheaply.

Travelling is a privilege. It is an honor for those willing to earn it, but it isn't always as costly as most people think. There is a stock list of excuses people give as to why they cannot travel, but the biggest by far has to be financial.

“I don’t have enough money.” or “It’s way too expensive.”

I can’t argue against that. I've scraped by with immigrants sharing sandwiches sleeping behind a train station, and I've been a guilty glutton pigging out on a steaks in 4 star hotels. Quality is quality. However, those seriously wanting to travel have more opportunities than ever if they’re willing to do a little bit of digging and have a bit of patience.

I've been spending a lot of time in my hometown of Houston, TX. There are a good number of my friends who travel, and I began to notice that they were disappearing on weekend getaways in a moments notice. I finally asked, and was delighted when they told me about

It’s a site by Pumarega Media, LLC.,and specializes in sharing extremely amazing deals for traveling from Houston and Austin. I just saw a posting for a round trip flight, Houston to Beijing, China for 549$. I have no plans to practice Mandarin, but with a deal like that I could work my way up to it.

image taken of

image taken of

Perhaps, China is just too far. I get it. How about Austin to Atlanta for 78$? or Houston to Denver for 77$? Houston to Monterrey, Mexico for 189$?

See where I’m going with this?

To share stories and experiences through writing is just as great a privilege as having been able to have those adventures in the first place. However, to help people travel and open their world, to the world, is a most precious and honorable endeavor. EscapeHouston is for escaping Houston (and Austin), but there are a good number of sites and blogs designed simply for finding cheap deals.

Use them!

Even if you’re not from Houston or Austin there are always deals worth searching and saving for. Google it. Siri it. Whatever. If you want to travel, then travel. It is as easy to make the decision to go as any other choice, but it’s the patience, saving, planning and follow through that count the most.

(A really good ticket price does go a long way. Literally and figuratively. Thanks )