Grammy Weekend Part 2: Captain Cosmos

There are many things that people told me about coming to Los Angeles.

“Los Angeles has perfect weather all the time!”

"Man, in L.A., you can run into anyone at anytime.”

These statements, and many, many , more are too true to be good. Chris and I sit through the telecast, and periodically exiting to network with artists, producers, and musicians alike. The real fun begins when we walk from the Nokia Theater to the Staples Center where the actual award show is held. We enter the halls like herded cattle clamoring, looking to see if we can recognize someone.

There are simply too many people moving too fast, but I have a couple of nice moments. I chat with the Vine Queen herself, Brittany Furlan, and I am 80% sure that I passed Maria Menunous.

The show begins, and we take our seats. I'm not sure what others see on television, but it is spectacular from our view point. Anne Lennox's voice gives me chills. My 4th time seeing Adam Levine sing is made even more brilliant by adding Gwen Stefani. I had never heard anything by Sam Smith until his duet of “Stay with Me” with Mrs. Mary J. Blidge, but before they sang their last note I had already gotten on my iTunes store.

It's common for people to roam the hallways during the show, so Chris and I do as well. We need to charge our phones, and there is always the chance that we will run into an a-lister. Our eyes search everywhere to no luck, and we step on a glass elevator. I look down at the bar to see a woman's back. She has on a very familiar dress. I am 67.34% sure it is Taylor Swift's backside.

The ceremonies were wonderful, but we had hardly eaten all day. So we head to In n Out Burger again to discuss our concerts for tomorrow night. We pass the next morning drinking coffee and relaxing on a cafe terrace before switching into music mode at the Millenium Biltmore Hotel in downtown L.A ..

Our concerts had sold out during the weekend, and we carry a euphoric Grammy wave into every fiber of our performance. It is a two piece duo with Chris on soprano sax, and myself on acoustic guitar. We're overwhelmed as our intimate audiences applaud not only our cover songs, but our originals as well. Much like stepping out of our chauffeur's truck on Grammy day, this moment is something I've never really known, and am not sure if I'm ready to describe.

However, I am always ready to express how hungry I am. Change clothes. Pack gear. Hit the streets. We're two men whose physical fatigue is worth weary bodies, as we look to cap off an incredible weekend with a proper meal. We go to In N Out Burger for a third time, barely keeping our eyes open as we sit down to eat.

I am mid-way through my first burger, when I notice a familiar face in the window's reflection. I search for him on Google just be sure, and it's him. NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON! The host of Cosmos is sitting behind me, face deep in burger meats and juices. We have so much in common. When I see him about to leave I ask if I can take a photo with him. Thankfully, delightfully, he says yes.

I could hardly ask for a much better experience for my first time eating In N Out and Roscos, attending the Grammys, and doing concerts in L.A.. After being amazed by the talents of the world's biggest music stars, and feeling like a bit of twinkle myself; I end the journey with Captain Cosmos.