Grammy Weekend Part 1: This is what I think

I am in L.A., for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards as a guitarist with Chris Mitchell, a Grammy Recording Academy saxophonist. It all sounds fine and fancy, but upon arrival no sense of red carpet decorum can cure our hunger. We drop off our gear and follow our stomachs. The famous In N Out Burger on Orange Street and Sunset Boulevard is our choice, and it is also my first time visiting. People pass literally in n out, as the resto's name suggests. I order a double double combo with an extra cheeseburger in anticipation of my usual behemoth appetite.

“So, what do you think?” asks Chris.

This is what I think.


To walk off our tasty burgers, we go to Rodeo Drive. It's luxury is calm and pristine. It's prices, priceless. It is window shopping at is most expensive, and we're swiping proverbial Black Cards right and left. We stop in the Luxe Hotel for a drink, and a think, before heading back our hotel.

The Grammys is an all day event. So we opt to do a proper morning warm up in preparation, which turned into the most chic morning hike in the history of morning hikes. While others jog past, sweat laden and panting, we look like this

We immediately refuel after our grueling cardio with hefty portions of The 2 Food Groups

  1. Chicken

  2. Waffles

My first time at Rosco's Chicken and Waffles is delicious. This is what I think.

There is no time to spare. The Grammy Pre Telecast is about the begin, so we suit up in proper fashion. Our chauffeur arrives in his big black truck. The leather seats are as smooth as the rolling wheels, as we all crack jokes and take photos and videos.


We pass through the security block. The ambiance is electric. People lining the streets to see who steps out, not knowing it was just us: to kats from Houston, Texas with music in our fingers and faith in our hearts. However, as soon as they open those truck doors we become something different. Jackets buttoned up. Sun glasses on.

I've been in what seems like too any countries, while feeling like it's not enough at the same time. The landscapes of the cities of roamed cross my mind everyday in flashbacks of their glorious beauties and friendly personage.


The feeling I feel while exiting the truck is something completely and uniquely different.