Bradley is an author, entrepreneur, blogger, orator, and musician from Houston, Texas. He holds a Bachelor's of Arts in Public Relations, a Master's of Liberal Arts in International Studies, and a Course Sequence in International Media and Intercultural Communication. He is currently a PhD student in Social Communication at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain. 

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About Shameless Vagabond 

I began Shameless Vagabond in 2010 as a way to always have an editorial outlet, but since then it has evolved into much more. It is a beloved passion project which uses blogging, photos, and music in order to explore a few central themes; travel, culture, and music.

"Vagabond" typically doesn't have a particularly positive connotation. It's normally seen as a term for someone without a home, who roams from place to place, dirty, downtrodden, and pretty much despicable. For me it is different. Vagabond is a metaphor for openness, and even willingness to entertain new lands, cultures, and ideas. It means to abandon one's home, even if just for a week, in order to be able to fully appreciate the moment, wealth, and experience of where one finds themselves. This abandonment is necessary to receive the most from our adventures, and I've found that no matter where one goes they always arrive back to who they are. We find these revelations in the eyes of curious townsfolk, or in the enthusiasm of backpacking hostel goers. We become more knowledgeable of ourselves and others. 

I've sought to do this in a "shameless" fashion, as a means to say the vagabond is bold, unabashed of their passion for adventure and knowledge, and uninhibited by societal confines. If they have a question and want an answer, they seek it out. I think it's a good way to be for travel, business, family, and everything in life. 

 Thank you for taking the time to look at our site.  Here you can find stories from adventures, photos of the places I've visited, interesting articles from around the web, my novels, Four Months BasquedIt's Particular and The Meeting Place, and music.  Enjoy!

Stay Shameless, 

Bradley 'Teo' Basker